The PrestaShop e-commerce system has been driving Polish e-commerce for several years. It accounts for 11% of the Polish e-commerce shop market. The popularity of PrestaShop is constantly growing.

Why PrestaShop?

Proven, fast and functional e-commerce solution. Easy to implement and extend. The core engine is available on an OpenSource basis. Find out why you should choose PrestaShop.

Rich in functionality

PrestaShop is a complete online shop system, currently with several hundred essential functions. Among other things, the basis of the e-shop’s capabilities is:

  • clear and easily customisable shop design;
  • a convenient shop management panel, enriched with numerous administrative functions;
  • easy catalogue and product management. The system supports both physical and virtual products (e.g. training, media, etc.);
  • the possibility of defining different courier services, with different rates and transport conditions;
  • support for multistore functionality – you can manage multiple shops simultaneously from a single panel;
  • the possibility of defining different payment methods;
  • multilingual support – our solution provides ready-made translation sets and the possibility to edit them. You can also define the languages and currencies in which sales are made. More than 150 translations available!
  • support for search engine optimisation – SEO;
  • expandable and adaptable.
PrestaShop Szablony

Flexible and modern design

PrestaShop offers a simple and clear shop layout by default. It can easily be adapted to the needs of a fledgling e-commerce business. Importantly, the basic design is very fast and mobile-ready, fitting in well with the increasing popularisation of shopping via smartphones, the so-called ‘mobile first’.

For the more advanced, we suggest purchasing and installing one of the many templates available on the official PrestaShop website as well as from partners. Everyone will find an interesting template for themselves, providing the basis for launching a shop. Both free and paid, more advanced templates are available. See what your shop could look like.

For the most advanced, we can prepare a customised shop design.

Open to change and development

PrestaShop is open source software. This means that you can install the shop without incurring high licensing costs.

The system is scalable even to very large installations and does not impose limits on the number of products, categories or orders.

If you need to expand the functionality beyond the standard, you can always reach for additional plug-ins and extensions, or we can prepare an individual extension dedicated to your shop.

See a demo version of the PrestaShop store: