About us

Our offer is a combination of passion for modern e-commerce, PrestaShop, innovative management and technology. We provide unique experiences in the world of digital purchasing.

Who are we?

We are an e-commerce agency, we create and deliver modern solutions. We remain close to our client, helping him achieve success in e-commerce.

Our mission

We help you sell in a digital world.

What we do

We implement solutions based on PrestaShop. We help our clients in building e-commerce activities.


The 4ec.eu brand was created out of passion and fascination with the incredibly fast-growing market of e-commerce solutions. The name 4ec.eu is a play on words – four (pronounced for) e-commerce, meaning “for e-commerce”. The brand is based on the company “SILCOM”, which has been on the market for over 20 years. Let’s hear what Bogusław Kobic has to say about the idea of establishing 4ec.eu:

“As a person for many years associated with IT technology, commercial activities and e-commerce, I was thinking about directing the activity of my company SILCOM to the e-commerce area for several years. 4ec.eu is the sum of the experience I gained as a person managing the IT area in Farmacol Capital Group, participant in the implementation of a modern e-commerce platform for the chemical industry: distripark.com, and in many smaller projects. Now, developing my experience, I can offer our clients innovative solutions based on proven and effective PrestaShop stores. “

I invite you to cooperation!

Our Partners

4ec.eu supports its activities for partnerships with key players on the e-commerce market. The PayU brand sets the standards for electronic payments in Poland, and it is worth using the global PayPal coverage for international payments. The van allows you to optimize logistics processes and BaseLinker solutions integrate many commercial platforms and numerous logistics operators. Important support for the operation of 4ec.eu and our clients is OVH, a well-known provider of domains, hosting services and cloud solutions.

Together with the Partners, we have a solution for every challenge in the area of e-commerce. We invite you to use the services of 4ec.eu Partners through us. We will be happy to support you in the configuration, operation and integration of Partner solutions.